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I’ve tried most of the vegan/cruelty-free subscription boxes on the market thus far. I’ve liked them for the most part, even though I now have an ungodly amount of body oil that I will be using until the end of time.

Love Goodly’s subscription box, however, stands out to me. The box alone is 3x larger than any of its competitors; the samples therein are more often that not, full sized products or at the very least, premium samples.

Thus, I am happy to report that Love Goodly‘s December/January box did not disappoint me.

  1. Deux Lux Sequin Cosmetic Bag in Silver sequins“This fun custom-made cosmetic bag from Deux Lux, a fashionable vegan purse line featured in Oprah and InStyle, has plenty of room for your makeup, lip balm, compact, and more.”

    Indeed. I LOVE Deux Lux bags; I have a few of them myself, plus a rather awesome wallet from their line that I’ve carried for over a year. This sequined cosmetic bag is super cute, with a lining that is luxurious to the touch. I’m a fan. Though I note that the sequins might look a bit ratty if they snag anything. Will have to see.

  2. Lippy Girl Vegocentric Lipstick in ‘Schmoopy’“Lippy Girl Makeup’s Vegocentric lipstick line is certified vegan. Made with organic and wildcrafted natural oils and waxes and only natural mineral pigments, they are 100% vegan, bee-free, gluten free, and chemical free. Schmoopy is their bestselling dusty rose color.”

    I have a few lipsticks and a wonderful lip gloss from Lippy Girl, and I like them. I didn’t have this color though, so that was lucky! My only warning with this brand is to keep in a cool space, or even refrigerate your lipsticks if you are in a very hot climate. They tend to melt and I’ve had an entirely new lipstick just snap in half when the tiniest bit of pressure was applied. (Use a lip brush on the remnants if this unfortunate occurrence does happen! I didn’t throw it away, of course.)

  3. hellomellow Balance Body Butter“Luxuriate in all natural, hand-crafted body butter that is densely packed with pure avocado and mango butter scented with essential oils. Moisturizing with this body butter leaves you with incredibly soft, silky skin.”

    I would like the world to know that I didn’t even try this first; my mom snatched it and began rubbing it on immediately. Then my grandmother asked to try some, and of course I let her. My mom gushed over it right away, and that’s high praise. My mom is the queen of lotions and potions. If she endorses it, I’m on board.

    After I did try it, I saw what she meant. The body butter rubs in very easily and the essential oils produce a heaven-scent aroma (see what I did there.)

  4. Auromere Ayurvedic Toothpaste – Travel Size 

    “Clean your teeth and freshen your breath with all-natural botanical extracts and essential oils. Auromere Toothpaste contains no flouride, gluten, artificial sweeteners…dyes, or harsh chemicals commonly found in many toothpastes.” The toothpaste is vegan as well! Hooray!I’m always on the lookout for little travel toothpastes I can pop into my travel bag. They don’t make many cruelty free, effective toothpastes that can be brought onto a plane with little effort. Can’t wait to try this one on my next jaunt!

  5. Hello Gorgeous Toothbrush“PLUS ULTRA’s bamboo toothbrush is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes. The bristle heads feature a wave shaped design that cleans difficult to reach areas with soft, nylon bristles that gently massage the gums.”

    I love a bamboo toothbrush! Any effort to stave off the waste that plastic products create is ok by me. I’ve tried a few other bamboo toothbrushes in my day, but I am eager to see how this one feels. I will report back after exhausting my current toothbrush.


And there you have it! Until the next box!

I’m going to go fill up my Deux Lux cosmetic bag now.

*Some of the links provided in this post are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through these links I get a (very) small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I use myself and firmly believe in.

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  1. Mel | illumelation ✈ (@illumelation)

    Congratulations on your first post! The bamboo toothbrush looks adorable, and I’m interested in finding out how the ayurvedic toothpaste tastes. Best decision I’ve ever made was switching from commercial toothpaste to organic! Sometimes they taste a little funky, but all in the name of health, haha. 🙂

    Mel from x

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