Product Review: Marquis Organic Energy


I’ve been a fan of Marquis Organic Energy drinks for a while; I remember seeing and tasting them at last year’s Natural Products Expo West, and liking what I drank.

Since then, they’ve gone through a rebranding of their packaging, which I like. And the flavors remain quite good, for energy drinks! The quality of ingredients and the vitamin blend they add to the beverage is what I’m most impressed with, however. (Also, the fact that Marquis drinks are zero calories is a nice bonus.)

They are vegan certified, as well as organic, nonGMO verified, gluten free, and sweetened with organic stevia extract.

Flavor profile:

Super Berry: The is the sweetest flavor of the three; it was also my least favorite. I think it would be better as a cocktail mixer than a stand alone drink. Although I’d certainly down it in a pinch if I needed some energy!

Mango Ginger: Hands down my favorite flavor. Anything ginger I’m on board with; I could drink a case of these happily (and then probably run around in circles for an hour.)

Citrus Lime: I enjoyed this flavor too; the stevia is more pronounced in this flavor, however, so for those stevia haters (of which I know there are many), I would stick with the Mango Ginger! Ginger flavor tends to mellow out stevia, I have found. I personally don’t mind stevia. πŸ™‚

I would definitely recommend snagging some of these drinks, especially if you need some organic energy to get you through your day! The caffeine content isn’t staggering, and they use organic yerba matΓ© and green tea as the energy source. The B vitamin blend will help your mood as well.

Thumbs up from me!


*Marquis Organic Energy drinks sent to me for review purposes.Β 



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