The Modern Vegan grand opening slays!


Vegans in Las Vegas, rejoice! A breath of fresh air has appeared on the horizon, in the form of The Modern Vegan.

This breakfast/brunch/lunch spot was sorely needed, filling a void we had been lamenting about for some time. Not every day does one wish to trek to Terrace Pointe Cafe at the Wynn, or Downtown to Vegenation for some vegan breakfast. And to be honest, The Modern Vegan’s menu selection, portion sizes, and flavors blow all the other options out of the water.

Today was their Grand Opening, and they definitely still have some kinks to work out: 1hr + wait times for food, blenders not arrived yet for smoothies, broken juicer, etc…but honestly, what restaurant doesn’t have a crazy first day/month?

The food was SO WORTH THE WAIT. Let me stress that. We ordered quite a few items and when they finally did come, it was heaven.

Feast your eyes:

Wouldn’t you be happy to wait for this? I was. The decor was well thought out as well, and even the bathroom was super cute!


Long live The Modern Vegan!! I hope they will become a Vegas staple for many years to come.

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    1. This is pretty close to the strip! But if you want something on the strip itself, both Wynn and Encore have vegan menus at all their restaurants. Nacho Daddy, Hussong’s, and Slice of Vegas All have pretty extensive vegan menus as well.

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