Born and raised in Los Angeles, I have always been a fan of fashion, good food, music, movies, fitness, and fun times.

Back in 2011, I started the process of becoming plant based. I kept happening across books and articles that described the inherent cruelty that comes with eating animal products and found that I couldn’t reconcile my love of animals with eating them and wearing their skin.

I promptly became a whirlwind of plant based, cruelty free fervor, wanting to discover fashion, food, and cosmetics alike that aligned themselves with my newfound beliefs.

To my delight, anything I ever craved or wanted to wear was available in a plant based, cruelty free form! Joy! I was super happy to discover that I didn’t have to sacrifice style, appetite, or health to be plant based, balanced, healthy, and cruelty free.

I now live in Las Vegas, and on this blog you will be seeing a lot of beautiful, cruelty free food, fashion, and travel destinations from me!

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