Sakura abound!

It’s springtime in Vegas!

I had no idea that sakura bloomed around my apartment. 

I relocated to Vegas from Los Angeles this past November so I hadn’t yet experienced a spring season here.

Imagine my surprise to find that cherry blossoms had bloomed this morning all around my apartment complex!

Nature is truly wonderful. 



My top 5 Valentine’s presents – hint hint

What do you get a Plantbased Jetsetter for good old V-Day?

Here’s my top 5 list of cruelty-free, vegan gifts that I (or any other lady) would be delighted to receive.

1. Lingerie from Cantiq LA – this is my lovely friend Chelsea Hughes‘s line of sexy, cruelty free, locally made lingerie, and it is SO PRETTY. I own two sets, myself, and plan on snagging more in the future.

Image via Cantiq LA


2. Love GoodlyBox subscription! This box is full of vegan, cruelty-free goodies that continue to surprise me, both in quality and quantity!

As for the Feb/March box, the total value is $86 and each box supports “Cure Cervical Cancer”. There’s still time to snag one!

PS: I had the chance to try out one of the box’s newest additions: LVX Nail polish, pictured below! The color they are sending out with the box is a perfect, timeless red, and cruelty-free/vegan, of course.

Image via Love Goodly
Image via Love Goodly

3. Gunas –
Glitter Bunny clutch! Remember this? I got one for my birthday and I am obsessed.

The crystals sparkle when you walk and it looks like you’re carrying liquid flame.


Spend the money for this clutch or make someone buy it for you because you are going to look amazing when you hold one.

Image via Gunas


4. VegaI’m pretty much obsessed with all Vega products (sans the bars) and I especially have a thing for their Mocha flavors. I drink a scoop of their Vega One nutritional shake (a ton of superfoods, protein, and vitamins included in this baby!) almost every morning, and I use their entire sport line as well. More on that to come. ๐Ÿ™‚

I would be delighted to receive a tub of plant based Mocha protein for V-Day, as I’m sure any girl who shops for plant based products would agree!

Image via


5. Rose City – Last but not least…who could forget the chocolate?

Rose City features vegan chocolates to die for. I could eat an entire case of their vegan almond bark and not feel bad. I mean it.

For years, Vegan chocolate lovers have had to search long and hard to find good vegan chocolates and vegan candy. We wanted to change that. We wanted Vegans to be able to enjoy exquisite chocolates made from quality vegan ingredients. Vegans should not have to compromise quality for compassion. Thus, we have assembled a fabulous selection of Vegan chocolates – some imported from Belgium and some made by us. Each chocolate and candy selection uses strictly vegan ingredients, and each is absolutely delicious! Any chocolate connoisseur can surely find something special here.

YOU DON’T SAY. I have spent so much time poring over their website, debating which chocolates to eat. The struggle is real.


Both images via Rose City


And there you have it! Go forth and know that you are purchasing your vegan friend a wonderful, pretty, or delicious thing for Valentine’s Day.

Show your love by showering them with gifts.

Punch a hole in the sky!

I believe in you.


*Some affiliate links are included in this post; as usual, I make a tiny bit of commission if you buy through these links, and they are products I own or use personally and believe in. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello there!

I’m Hannah, The Plantbased Jetsetter!

Pleased to meet you all.

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It’s me!

A little about me:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I have always been a fan of fashion, good food, music, movies, fitness, and fun times.

Having dreamed of being a singer in Japan since I was a little girl, I went to UCLA to get my BA in English Literature, then trolled around in Downtown LA for a bit before selling my car to run away to Tokyo.

I got a rock band of Japanese/Chinese men together and collaborated with them to create the band โ€˜19 Mirrorsโ€™. Some of our performances are still on youtube, albeit accompanied by terrible sound quality. Whoops.

I was the lead singer of 19 Mirrors for almost 3 years; we played a ton of venues in Tokyo, and even booked a 10-day tour of Beijing, China. Then came the March 2011 tsunami/earthquake disaster. I stayed in Tokyo until November 2011, when I ultimately decided to make the move back to LA.

While still living in Tokyo, I was going through the process of becoming plant based. I kept happening across books and articles that described the inherent cruelty that comes with eating animal products, the complete lack of balance my body felt while consuming them, and found that I couldnโ€™t reconcile my love of animals with eating them and wearing their skin.

Therefore, when I moved back to LA, I promptly became a whirlwind of plant based, cruelty free fervor, wanting to discover fashion, food, and cosmetics alike that aligned themselves with my newfound beliefs.

To my delight, anything I ever craved or wanted to wear was available in a plant based, cruelty free form! Joy! I was super happy to discover that I didnโ€™t have to sacrifice style, appetite, or health to be plant based, balanced, healthy, and cruelty free. I now live in Las Vegas, and intend to blog full time about a compassionate, luxury, cruelty free lifestyle!

~Come fly with me~